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May 09, 2012


Adelita McGrath

What if I want to attend MBA classes in the Spring of 2013, when should I seek admissions? What is the deadline?

Thank you!

Jessica Chung

Unfortunately, we do not offer admissions for spring, only the fall. The application for Fall 2013 will be available later this summer - please check back on our website around that time. We'll also post announcements on our blog and other social media channels when the application becomes available.

Adelita McGrath

I will graduate in International Business this Fall 2012. Can I still apply for your MBA program before I even graduate?

Kuldeep Singh Purohit

1.Does the wait list consist of all the applications which have not been reviewed?
2.If rejected for the 3rd round, will an applicant receive a mail for the same? If yes, will it be in real time or all together on 6th June.
3.If the status of the application is still submitted, what does it indicate?

Earthly Enigma

Hello Jessica,
I applied in third round and haven't got any interview invitation till today. Should I assume that my case is closed now considering that the interview invites were to be sent throughout May or is there still some last hope for an interview invite ?
Thanks for confirming

Jessica Chung

Hi EE,

We've been sending out interview invitations even this week, so please sit tight as we finalize our decisions by the June 6th deadline!

Jessica Chung

Hi Kuldeep,

1. All waitlist candidates receive a thorough evaluation by multiple individuals on the admissions committee before the decision is made to be placed on the waitlist.
2. All round 3 decisions will be released no later than the June 6th release date, regardless of the final decision. Thus, if you have not received a decision in one of our early releases, you will definitely know by June 6th.
3. The application status online merely indicates where your application is in the review process. It will be updated when a final decision is rendered (no later than June 6).
Hope this helps!

Juan Mata

I will graduate in International Business this Fall 2012. Can I still apply for your MBA program before I even graduate?

Jessica Chung

Yes, you may apply to the MBA program as long as your undergraduate degree will be completed by the time the program starts in the Fall.

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