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October 06, 2014


Jeff Nguyen

Hi Jessica,

Great blog. I really like the part about test scores and academics. I am not a good test taker so my GMAT score is currently outside the range but my GPA is above the upper GPA range for Anderson. I've already taken the GMAT twice (most recently early this month) and I want to apply to Anderson in the second round. Do you think I should try to improve my GMAT score to get it within the range or do you think I should focus on my application? I have already filled out most of the online application, received my letter of recommendation, and outlined my essay response.


Jeff Nguyen

Jessica Chung

Hi Jeff, ultimately it's a personal decision. If you're confident you can increase your score on the next try, it might be worth it. However if you find yourself scoring about the same on tests and practice tests, perhaps your time is better spent refining your essay, resume, and other parts of your application.

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