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March 06, 2014


justin chaudoin


If an applicant has not heard anything (interview invite or otherwise) is it safe to for that applicant to assume he/she is still being evaluated?


Thanks for the update!

For those of us who have not yet received interview invitations, should we still keep our hopes alive? By when can we expect to hear from you - in either case?

Jessica Chung

Justin, that's correct - if you haven't heard from us yet it means we are still reviewing your application.

Vinay, realistically chances may be slim at this point if you have not received an interview invite. However, we're still reviewing apps and we want to give everyone the chance to make their case before saying we're completely done sending out invitations. So we anticipate a few more may go out between now and April 2. In any case, you'll definitely hear from us with a final decision no later than April 2.

Hope this helps :)


Hi Jessica, if an applicant was interviewed prior to March 6, but has not received final decision, is it more likely than not that his application is still being reviewed, or is it more likely than not that his application will get denied? or is it simply not an indicator at all? Thanks.


Hi Jessica,

Have all the applications been looked over? I ask because I submitted my application very close to the deadline and I'm still clinging to the hope that it may not have been reviewed yet and I may still get an interview invite.

Also, have you also begun to intimate applicants who have been denied or will denials only be sent out on 2nd April?

Jessica Chung

Sophia, it's really not an indicator at this point. The ones who received a decision before the deadline happened to be ones whose applications were finalized early.

Gargi, that's correct, we are still reading applications. Keep in mind that Round 2 is our biggest round so we are quite busy all the way up to the decision release deadline of April 2.


Hi Jessica,

Quick question for you: I submitted my application via the Consortium for Round 2 in January. I received notification that my application was received on 2/28 - is there a different timeline for Consortium applicants? Is April 2 still the final notification for these folks?

Many thanks to you - I did read above that Round 2 is your largest and busiest, and I certainly appreciate the time you take to answer these questions.

Jessica Chung

Erin, I believe there is a slightly different timeline for Consortium applicants since the process is a bit different. My colleague Vickie Euyoque manages our Consortium applications, so I suggest you reach out to her at vickie.euyoque@anderson.ucla.edu.

Vivien Shen

Hello Jessica, does the timing of admission have any implications to financial aid or scholarship? Thank you very much!


Hi Jessica,
What % of interview invitations would you say have been sent out already? I have not heard anything back at all from Anderson (invitation or rejection) Just holding on for hope!

Jessica Chung

Vivien, it doesn't have an impact. We plan to award fellowships to top admits up to and on the April 2 decision release day.

Adhi, I don't have an exact percentage but the vast majority have gone out. However, I did learn several more applicants have been invited to interview today so I expect we may have a few more before the April 2 deadline.


hi jessica
when would you say is the absolute last day to get an interview call... seeing that the deadline is inching closer, are you still sending out invites?


Hi Jessica , For applicants who haven't yet heard back from Anderson about interview invites, will the final decision on Apr 2 necessarily be a reject or is it possible to be wait listed as well ?


Jessica Chung

Akanksha, an applicant may receive an interview invite up to the decision release day of April 2 but given it's only a week away the chances are very slim. As mentioned previously, the vast majority of interview invites have gone out.

Sayan, it's possible to be wait listed without an interview.

Tejesh Mehta

Hey Jessica,

Great information you share with us. :)

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